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Updated Message Monday November 5:

A Message from the American Red Cross Health Services:

  •  THANK YOU to all the nurses and students who have expressed an interest in volunteering with the Red Cross during this current hurricane relief effort. The response has been overwhelming, and we are truly grateful for everyone who has responded to our call for help. At this time the response has been so positive that we have assigned those volunteers and will wait for their deployments to be over before reaching out to others.
  • The need for health service personnel fluctuates and changes over time. Since this Disaster Response will continue for some time, there is a real possibility that additional nurses will be needed in the coming weeks.
  • Be ready! Affiliate with your local Red Cross chapter (www.redcross.org), and get trained so you are ready to go when called. And be patient with the chapters as they strive to keep up with the volume of spontaneous volunteers, especially in NY and NJ. Information about the volunteering process may be found at DHS Recruitment Information November 2012.
  • Take the Health Services training classes that are being offered via webinar on a daily basis until Thanksgiving. This training may be taken whether or not you are already affiliated with a specific chapter. The registration information may be found in ARC Health Services Response Workshops November 2012.
  • THINK ABOUT coming on board as a generalist volunteer while there isn’t an identified need for nurses. This is a great way to get started and use your nursing skills to assist Red Cross in a very unique way.

By becoming connected and trained, you are ready to go when the need arises locally or nationally. If you would like additional information, please contact Karen Rea, State Nurse Liaison Advisor for NE, NY & NJ, at karen.rea@redcross.org .  

Hurricane emergency preparedness and response information

Health Information for Disaster Relief Volunteers

Visit the CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response Site for the most up-to-date information

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Epidemic: Prescription Drug Abuse 

Dear C/SNA Leaders:

Prescription drug abuse is classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an epidemic. Addressing the prescription drug epidemic is a top priority for public health. The Office of National Drug Control Policy on April 19, 2011 released the 2011 Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan. The plan provides for action in four areas. These include education, monitoring, proper medication disposal and enforcement. The full plan is available at http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/publications/pdf/rx_abuse_plan.pdf. Please broadly disseminate this information.

Cheryl Peterson
Cheryl A. Peterson, MSN, RN
Director, Nursing Practice & Policy
American Nurses Association