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There are currently over 14,000 employed nurses and many more now retired nurses in the state of Maine. ANA-MAINE has contact with 23,000 nurses through The Journal, our quarterly newsletter. Our web site is new and improved and our membership is on the rise.  The analytics on the web site activity is very encouraging.

ANA-MAINE is a non-profit organization and does not affiliate with any one political party. Our focus is the health and welfare of Maine communities and helping nurses achieve and maintain the highest standards of practice. All the services and support given to special events such as the Annual Convention, the Awards Ceremony and the Student's Scholarship Fund come from donations and the sale of donated items. Education needed to help nurses maintain competencies comes from grants and through the hard work of the Continuing Nurses Education committee. Help us maintain the future of nursing. Supporting ANA-MAINE benefits all Maine nurses and gives much needed assistance to nursing students. Help secure a safe healthy work environment for both patients and staff and help promote a better, stronger, healthier environment for the people of MAINE. Donations of all size welcome and greatly appreciated.

There are many ways you can help support the work of ANA-MAINE: