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Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry : The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATDSR) offers environmental health and medicine education products for health professionals, community members, and interested members of the public. These materials are designed to increase awareness and knowledge of how the environment impacts human health. Tools are provided to promote positive health aspects and prevent and/or minimize adverse health impacts of the environment. These materials are developed to meet specific audience needs, are free of charge, and are based on the latest evidence based science and medicine.

American Academy of Nurses

American Nurses Association

American Nurses Credentialing Center

American Nurses Foundation : ANF is the national philanthropic organization that promotes the continued growth and development of nurses and services to advance the work of the nursing profession. In fact, ANF has awarded over 950 nursing research grants since 1955 with over $3.5 million dollars granted. Look for the critical issues where nurses have the most impact and chances are you will find the American Nurses Foundation (ANF). With more than 3,000 pages of content, this site features information on asbestos, mesothelioma, and other cancers that are caused by asbestos exposure. At, our mission is two-fold: to educate the public about how to avoid the dangers of asbestos and to assist people who have already been diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases.

Assessment Technologies Institute: "We have the comprehensive and adaptive learning systems to assist in preparing students with what they need to know to pass high stakes tests and to become compassionate skilled nurses. Which is why more nurse educators, universities and colleges around the country partner with us."

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The Best Connection :The BEST Connection provides resources for Breastfeeding Education, Support, and Training. Our very popular annual fall conferences, begun in 1992, have provided key networking opportunities for health care professionals who support breastfeeding families in Maine and the northeastern part of the country. We are proud to boast that four hospitals in Maine have been certified as Baby-Friendly since our first conference. The CDC has noted that 17% of the babies in Maine are born in Baby-Friendly hospitals, the second highest statewide percentage in the U.S.

Caregiver Guide to Special Needs at Every person with special needs is different and has unique care concerns. The Caregiver Guide to Special Needs offers information and advice to help overcome daily challenges and understand common disorders and conditions. Also for Senior Care Guide click here.

Case Management Society of New England : a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary network of healthcare professionals working in the specialized practice of case management.

Center to Advance Palliative Care: The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) provides health care professionals with the tools, training and technical assistance necessary to start and sustain successful palliative care programs in hospitals and other health care settings. CAPC is a national organization dedicated to increasing the availability of quality palliative care services for people facing serious illness. Direction and technical assistance are provided by Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Center to Champion Nursing in America: The Center to Champion Nursing in America is an initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Center, a consumer-driven, national force for change, works to increase the nation’s capacity to educate and retain nurses who are prepared and empowered to positively impact health care access, quality, and costs.

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Department of Health and Human Services: Maine People Living Safe, Healthy and Productive Lives

DNP Nursing Programs Online: We provide nurses with free information on accredited colleges and universities offering Doctor of Nursing Practice degree programs. We hope you find our list of DNP schools and other resources useful.

ED.Gov-US Department of Education-ED's mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. Visit this site for grant opportunities, funding for college and contract opportunities.

Environmental Health: The EnviRN Knowledge Network is the new one-stop-shop for nurses who are interested in ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. This new collaborative website is a phenomenal resource for all providers. Environmental health impacts all of us each and everyday, and we all need to play a role to educate ourselves and our patients, advocate to promote awareness, and protect our own wellbeing as well as the future of this planet. EnviRN is not just a website - it is also an active learning environment in which we can interchangeably be both teacher and a learner. It is a site for gathering essential environmental health information from experts; connecting with nursing researchers, and creating your very own blog posts on an area of interest to you. You can check out the EnviRN calendar for conferences, webinars and other events.

Future of Nursing Website: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has launched a new website as part of its Future of Nursing initiation. The site will provide access to research and data from the Institute of Medicine’s report recommendation. Please visit for more information

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GeroNurse Online: is the official geriatric nursing Web site of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It was developed through the Nurse Competence in Aging initiative, to provide information regarding nursing care of older adults. a new online tool to connect consumers with information and resources to help them access quality, affordable coverage. Please refer to the White House blog post and HHS press release for more details

HealthCareandYou: Knowing what’s in the Affordable Care Act can help you make smart health care decisions for you and your family. Some changes are happening now. Others are set to take place in 2014. Find out what’s happening in your state and what the law means for you.

Health Resources and Services Administration: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Health Workforce Information Center: a free online library of health workforce resources
funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Users of the HWIC website can now access over 10,000 resources on 57 topics, 94 professions, and all states.

Infusion Nurses Society: The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is committed to bringing innovative new resources and opportunities to a wide range of healthcare professionals who are involved with the specialty practice of infusion therapy. In this new world of rapid technological advances and dramatic shifts in healthcare delivery, INS is setting the standard for dedicated clinicians who seek to provide excellent infusion care across all practice settings. We invite you to be part of the community that sets the standard for infusion nursing.

The Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Guidance for Establishing Standards of Care for Use in Disaster Situations: Standards of Care Letter Report and Standards of Care Report Brief

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Joint Commission : The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 18,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

Jurex Center for Legal Nurse Consulting: dedicated to helping you apply your nursing knowledge to the legal field and provide you with the opportunity to take control of your time, income and future. Jurex helps to keep you on the cutting edge of the legal nurse consulting field.

Maine’s Advance Directives Forms: this form will tell your physicians and others what medical care you want to receive if you become too sick in the future to tell them what you want.

Maine Children's Alliance: Advocate for sound public policies to improve the lives of all Maine's Children, Youth and Families

Maine Emergency Management Agency : At the State level MEMA coordinates the mitigation (risk reduction) preparedness, response and recovery from emergencies and disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or hazardous materials spills. MEMA also provides guidance, and assistance to county and local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations in their efforts to provide protection to citizen and property, and increase resiliency in the face of disaster.

Maine Medical Association/Medical Professionals Health Program: No one is immune from the dangers of alcohol or drug use, which might impair one’s ability to practice. Medical professionals are subject to high degrees of stress. The Committee on Medical Professionals Health is here to help the following medical professionals: MD’s, DO’s, Dentists, Physician Assistants, Dental Hygenists, Denturists and Pharmacists. The medical Professionals Health Program has agreed to the challenge of making available to all licensed nurses in the state of Maine a program that understands addiction, including substance and alcohol abuse.

Maine’s Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators Initiative: The Maine Quality Forum's mission is to advocate for high quality healthcare and help each Maine citizen make informed healthcare choices.

Maine Partners in Nursing Education and Practice: “MPNEP” has developed out of an original vision ofPEP (Partners in Education and Practice): to ensure a competent Maine nursing workforce for the future that will demonstrate congruence with practice realities and the development of a multileveled workforce for the future of health care needs in Maine.

MAINE RESPONDS: Emergency Health Volunteer System: managed by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC), integrates local, regional and statewide volunteer resources to assist our public health and healthcare systems. It is part of a national initiative to train, coordinate and mobilize volunteers during an emergency.

Maine State Nurses Association: renew your license online at or call (207) 287-1133.

Maine’s State Health Plan 2010: “The State Health Plan sets goals to help Maine become the healthiest state with the most efficient and effective health care delivery system,” said Governor Baldacci.

Maine State Board of Nursing

Maine Quality Forum

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance: the web’s leading resource for those affected by asbestos cancer.

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