Policy & Affairs

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Federal Level

Capitol Hill

Keys Bills in Congress
Click here for bills currently before congress on the following issues:

  • Advance Practice
  • Nursing Shortage
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Environmental Health
  • Patient Safety/Advocacy

ANA Links to Government Affairs

ANA launches new health care reform website: www.rnaction.org/healthcare.

Get the latest updates on healthcare reform and what you can do to take action. The site includes a "Health Care Reform Toolkit" and under the "Advocacy Tools" section find all you need to lobby your members of Congress.

ANA Links to Federal Issues

Learn more about the issues involving nursing practice such as mandatory overtime, immigration and nursing workforce, medicaid reinbursement to advance pract ice nurses, medicaid cuts, overtime pay regulations and much more.

Top Bill: How to Influence Lawmakers

Experts are urging nurses to increase their awareness and be more involved in state and federal legislation that could affect their practice and profession. Click here to learn how you as a nurse can be involved in advocacy.

Capital Update from ANA