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The American Association of Nurse Attorneys

Need an Attorney?

Legal issues are an unfortunate reality for many in the health services industry. If you're seeking legal advice, the TAANA Nurse Attorney Referral Program may be able to help. Call toll-free at (866) 807-7133 (866) 807-7133 to be directed to an attorney in your area. You will receive the names of up to three attorneys, as well as important information regarding the attorney's legal specialties, rates, business hours, contact information, educational background, and bar admissions.

Nearly 2,500 referrals have been issued to health professionals just like you. Call the TAANA Nurse Attorney Referral Program today.

NOTE: If you carry Nurse Service Organization (NSO) insurance, please call (800) 247-1500 (800) 247-1500 to obtain a referral through your insurance provider.

Professional Liability

New England Chapter (1989)
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Legal Resource Center-Nursing Law and Practice: Understanding the Legal Aspects of the Healthcare Work Environment

The legal system is an important component of our healthcare work environment today. Regardless of practice setting or position, it is vital that nurses understand the relationship between the law and nursing practice and its impact on our ability to provide safe patient care. Whether seeking information on employment contracts, questioning the pros and cons of liability insurance, managing workforce issues such as chemical dependency among nurses, or being called before the state board of nursing, the Center for American Nurses offers in-depth information, tools, and resources to guide nurses through these complex legal dilemmas. Click link above for more information for information on when and how to find legal help when you need it.

The following articles are now available on the Lippincott's Nursing Center website. Click on the article to access.