2009 Awards Ceremony

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Two Nurses, Two Students are Honored at ANA-Maine Awards Ceremony

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Nurses, whether direct caregivers, managers, educators, leaders, or visionaries, work hard every day, and in very diverse roles. Their knowledge, caring attitudes, compassion, understanding, teamwork, use of foresight and intuition, and ability to deal with complex situations and people are rewarded by the lives they touch on a daily basis. Too infrequently, however, is recognition granted by nursing colleagues.

On April 30, 2009, eight nominees for the Sister Consuela White Spirit of Nursing Award and the Agnes E. Flaherty Leadership Award, as well as two students, shared the spotlight for nursing excellence as nurses came together to honor each other for the important role nurses play day after day. The nominees, who were introduced by their nominators, were honored at the Senator Inn, in Augusta. Fresh flowers and a feeling of gentleness filled the elegant room.

The Agnes E. Flaherty Leadership Award was presented to Catherine Palleschi, RN, Nursing Director, CICU, Maine Medical Center.
The Sister Consuela White Spirit of Nursing Award was presented to Paula Ballesteros, RN, BSN, MSB, NE-BC, Patient Care Manager, Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Each year, the Agnes E. Flaherty Leadership Award is awarded to a registered nurse leader who demonstrates leadership, courage, and dedication in his or her interactions with patients and families, staff and coworkers, the profession, and the community. The defining qualities of the nominees include the ability to: develop a work environment that fosters autonomy and creativity; value and empower others; affirm the uniqueness of each individual; motivate others to work toward a common goal; identify common values; be committed to the profession and society; think long-term in visionary ways; be politically astute; and contribute to change and renewal. This year’s nominees were Brian Viele, RN, BSN, CCRN, Program Director of Behavioral Health, Director of Intensive Care, Director of Cardiopulmonary Program and the Clinical Consultants at MidCoast Hospital; Laurie 2009 Agnes E. Flaherty Leadership Award Winner: Catherine Palleschi.

The Sister Consuela White Spirit of Nursing Award is given annually to a registered nurse in clinical practice, nursing education, or administration who demonstrates the spirit of nursing by the care, concern, respect, and knowledge that he or she demonstrates in interactions with patients and families, coworkers, students, the profession, and the community. The defining qualities include the ability to: listen on a deep level and truly understand; keep an open mind and hear without judgment; deal with ambiguity, paradoxes, and complex issues; believe that honestly sharing critical challenges with all parties and asking for the input of others is more important than personally providing solutions; be clear about goals and instrumental in setting direction without giving orders; use foresight and intuition; and view people and issues holistically while gaining a sense of relationships and connections. This year’s nominees were Kimberly Smith, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager of the Wound Healing Clinic, Maine General Hospital; Caroline Merrill, RN, Staff Nurse, Gosnell Memorial Hospice, Hospice of Southern Maine; Roberta Vorhis, RN, Miles Memorial Hospital; and Paula Ballesteros.

Additionally, two $500 nursing student scholarships were awarded with money raised from the silent auctions held at ANA-Maine annual meetings and conferences. The awards’ criteria requires that students be in their programs’ good standing; have successfully finished one semester of clinical course work; be a member of a student nurse association; demonstrate the ability to provide holistic, safe patient care; and display professional accountability, responsibility, and integrity. Students were to identify how the scholarship would help them with the completion of their program. Scholarship winners were Angela Putney, University of Southern Maine, and Lynne Bowden, University of Maine at Orono. This awards ceremony is an annual event sponsored by ANA-Maine as a special tribute to all of those who work in Maine’s nursing profession.