2009 Annual Conference and Business Meeting

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OCTOBER 16, 2009 ANA Maine's 2009 Annual Conference and Business Meeting (click here for details)


“Financial Planning for Tomorrow…The Tools You Need to Start Today” with IRENE EATON-BANCROFT, RN,MSN,CS and MARCELLE MCGUIRE, RN, MSN

Learn how to first identify where you are at with your finances and then how to get to your goals for retirement. This presentation was developed by the WISER foundation, Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement and the Actuarial Foundation. It is supported through a grant from the American Nurses Association. The purpose of the presentation is to teach nurses and others how to plan and utilize their finances to sustain them through retirement without the pressure of a commercial company to purchase products.

“The Mental Health Needs of the Non-Psychiatric Patient” with MARY JANE KREBS, APRN, BC, Vice Chief Clinical and Nursing Officer of Spring Harbor Hospital.

The mental health needs of the nonpsychiatric patients are often inadequately addressed. Learn how to appreciate and identify the emotional issues and intervene with confidence.

“Technology in the Work Place…What is Working, What is Not and How to Manage the System You Have” with JANE E. HARDING, RN, BSN, MS, Senior Consultant of Clinical Information Systems.

Technology is rapidly invading the world of nursing. Jane will discuss the issues she has experienced in her role as consultant surrounding the change to electronic documentation. She knows the pitfalls and solutions to preventing them no matter what system you have in your facility or plan to bring in.