Mission & Principles

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The Mission of ANA-MAINE is to work for the improvement of health standards and availability of health care services for all Maine people, to foster high standards for nursing, and to stimulate and promote the professional development of nurses.

We advocate for financial and environmental conditions that promote recruitment and retention of nurses in the health care systems of Maine. ANA-MAINE supports the American Nurses Association's Standards of Nursing Practice and the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses.


We believe in:

Health Care as a Basic Human Right

Intent : Advocate for universal access to quality, affordable health care, regardless of ability to pay.

Safe Working Environments

Intent : Promote financial and environmental conditions that support the recruitment and retention of nurses in the health care systems of Maine.

Nursing in the State based on inclusivity and collaboration

Intent : Develop the infrastructure of ANA-MAINE that promotes inclusivity and collaboration among Maine Registered Nurses.

Fiscal responsibility and support operating within available human and financial resources

Intent : Promote fiscal responsibility in health care settings while using holistic theory and nurse-sensitive outcomes.

Involvement of the Registered Nurse in health policy formation as essential in developing quality health care systems

Intent : Promote RN involvement in state and national health policy formation.

Treating nurses with dignity and respect

Intent Advocate for supportive work environments including staffing patterns, workflow design, personal/social factors, physical environments and organizational cultures.

Developing nursing knowledge essential to advances in quality patient care

Intent: Promote evidence-based nursing practice.

The RN as an essential provider in all health care settings

Intent : Establish data that links positive patient outcomes to nursing interventions.

Fostering trust, integrity and respect in all our relationships and activities

Intent : Utilize the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses with Definative Statements as a guide for our behavior.