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By-laws Committee:

Patricia Boston, Chair

Committee on Nominations

The Nominations Committee is a standing committee. The committee develops all ballots and coordinates the election process for the membership. In addition, the committee makes recommendations as needed, for the appointments to ANA representative positions and appointments for representatives to other organizations, coalitions etc., which require a ANA-MAINE representative. The committee elects the chairperson.

Paula Theriault, Chair
Millicent Higgins, Committee Member
Sharon Martin, Committee Member
Jennifer Morton, Committee Member
Ann Sossong, Committee Member

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee organizes the ceremony for the Sister Consuela and Agnes E. Flaherty Award. They send out the nomination notifications, review the nominations, arrange for the location, meal, speakers and select the award winners of the ceremony.

Joanne Chapman, Chair
Patricia Camire

Volunteers welcomed!

Program Committee

The Conference Committee organizes the Annual Convention and Business Meeting. They select the speakers, arrange for the location, meal, silent auction and vendors/exhibitors.

Anne H Napier, Co-Chair
Catherine Lorello-Snow

Volunteers welcomed!

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee collects articles and information for the ANA-MAINE Journal which is published quarterly and is sent to every nurse and hospital in the state. They also manage the ANA-MAINE web site.

Michelle Schweitzer, Editor of The Journal
Jean Dyer, Committee Member
Irene Eaton, Committee Member
Millicent Higgins, Committee Member
Juliana L’Heureux, Committee Member

Volunteers welcomed!

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops the annual budget, monitors the fiscal affairs of the association and recommends fiscal policy to the Board of Directors. Membership includes the organization's elected treasurer and other members of ANA-MAINE

 Jean Dyer, Chair
 Patricia Boston, ex-officio
 Patricia Camire
 Susan Henderson
 Barbara Hannon-Vishio

Legislative Committee

The Legistlative Committee is a standing committee of the membership. The committee's function is to develop the annual legislative agenda and to recommend organizational policy and position on legislation and related public policy.

Carey Clark, Chair
Patricia Boston, Committee Member
Donna Davis-Rankin, Committee Member
Victoria Evans, Committee Member
Bobbi McCarthy, Committee Member
Tara Oxley, Committee Member

Volunteers welcomed!

Membership Committee

Paula Delahanty, Chair 

Volunteers welcomed!